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History of Dental Implants

Implant teeth are a dental treatment method that is used in our country as an artificial tooth root in tooth deficiency which increases popularity especially in the last 10-20 years. Similar to the dental implants used today, it is thought that the first implants given tooth form are Maya civilization.  In ancient civilizations of Maya Civilization, China (4000 years ago) and Ancient Egypt (2000 years ago), special stones, sea shells, animal teeth (especially elephant teeth), dead human teeth were used instead of the titaniu […]

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When Dental Implants Are Used

Patients who have lost one tooth: These patients have to sacrifice at least two neighboring teeth for restoration of a single tooth. The placement of a single dental implant in more aesthetic and functional results as well as the removal of adjacent teeth.   Patients who have completely lost their teeth and have complete prosthesis: These patients complain of constant pain and bruising due to the movement of the prosthesis. This complaint becomes even more pronounced over time with the proliferation of bone-to-bone support. In su […]

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Esthetic Without Surgery by Porcelain Veneers

The desire that is hidden inside of humanity to be beautiful and to be physically attractive can be satisfied mostly by cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Thanks to the advancing techniques and technologies in the medical world, now most of the desires can be satisfied while they were thought as impossible in the past. After those cosmetic operation, the appearance can be completely different but we should not forget that aesthetic should improve the originality not to change the core natural look. Except extraordinary situations it is better t […]

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