What is teeth whitening ?

teeth whitening istanbulTeeth whitening is a procedure which is performed under the supervision of dentists to remove stains and discoloration formed on the surface of the teeth. Most of the time this unwanted discoloration can be removed by application of special chemicals on the enamel layer of the tooth. The degree of whitening may vary depending on the tooth structure. Problems such as caries or cracks on the teeth adversely affects the teeth whitening process. The shade to be achieved via teeth whitening procedure depends on the shade of the teeth before treatment. Although results vary from person to person, the shade be achieved after treatment is mostly 2-3 shades whiter than initial shade of the teeth.

What causes tooth discoloration ?

Tooth discoloration is often caused by drinking dark-colored liquids such as coffee, tea and red wine, using tobacco, and aging. Dental root canal treatment and antibiotics used for children (especially tetracycline), also cause change in the teeth color.

teeth whitening turkeyCan teeth whitening damage teeth ?

During the teeth whitening process which is performed under dentist supervision, dentist applies the whitening agent in optimum concentration. That’s why when the teeth whitening treatment is performed in a dental clinic under dentist supervision, definitely does not cause any permanent damage (abrasion, corrosion, and breakage). Sometimes during the treatment tingling or extreme cold sensitivity can be experienced. Today this kind of sensitivity issues are easily managed by administration of some special medication and chemicals by dentist.

How dental whitening treatments are performed ?

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Teeth whitening can be done in the dental office or at home. When teeth whitening treatment in a dental office is followed up by home whitening, clinically the most effectual results are accomplished.In cases where the patient does not want to wear dental tray, repetition of the office treatments will be useful. Although this repetition process is a bit costly it is extremely necessary to get good results.

In the clinical teeth-whitening, administration of whitening agent on the teeth process is completed by a 30-40 minutes bleaching step. During this period, the bleaching chemical applied on the teeth is activated by a light source and by this way teeth are gotten whiten. Meanwhile, the gums and soft tissues should be protected from teeth whitening chemicals. The dental office whitening handled by dentist is preferred because of shorter treatment time and lack of sensitivity problem. Home treatment following office treatments will be particularly helpful in order to get the best results.

How long does bleaching treatment take ?

Teeth whitening treatment is performed within one to three clinical visits and teeth get whitened. According to the shade of teeth, whitening treatment can be supported by two to ten days home treatment.

How long do teeth whitening results last ?

The effects of whitening are considered to last one to three years depending on one’s eating habits, smoking and oral care. After this period by a follow up treatment teeth are whitened again. During this time discoloration will not back but may be darken one or two shades.

tooth whitening istanbul


Can antibiotics induced discoloration and fluorosis discoloration be whitened ?

While for advanced stages of tooth discoloration, dental laminate veneers are preferred, administration of whitening agents by dentist also works in many cases. If you want to get an appointment with our dental clinic in Atakoy which is located in European side of the Istanbul, please click here.