What is Dental Implant Treatment?

Implant is one of the best options when missing teeth need to be replaced. İmplant is a cylindrical post, made of titanium, which will serve as a substitute for the tooth root. A dental implant is placed in the jawbone under the gums. The implant is a surgical procedure and has long been applied with success in dentistry.

implant diş bakırköyIn Which Cases Implant Treatment Can Be Performed?

In both single and more than one tooth loss cases implant treatments are performed with high success. Contrary to what is believed, the success rate of implants are not low. Implant surgery is not a difficult procedure. Here it is important to choose the right doctor and determination of the right indication. Patients should not be done as a priority. First things should be done by patients are to search implant prices and how many implants need to be done.implant diş nedir

Determination of the Implant Treatment

If you need to get implant treatment or another treatment (dental bridge, denture, glass fiber applications) should be determined by your dentist.

Which Dental Practices Can Deliver Implant Related Services

After determining you need a dental implant, you need to question if the dental practice meets the requirements for providing implant services. Surgical procedures must be done in a sterile environment with accurate devices. The dentist who will implement implants should have adequate training and experience. After this stage, you need to listen your doctor carefully and receive detailed information concerning any unclear point.

What to do before implant treatment?

It is important to access to mouth health, bone in the region where the implant will be placed and to know tooth loss reason prior to treatment. Periodontal problems or caries available also affects the long-term success of the implant to be implemented. If there is infection, it has to be treated and for carries fillings or root canal treatment should be performed. Implant treatment should be performed following the treatment of gum disease. As having infected gums can lead to the loss of implant made, this is crucial.

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 Implant treatment plan

A well-made treatment plan eliminates a number of possible difficulties or problems. Problems such as teeth grinding or uncontrollable diabetes cause difficulties in implant treatment. Dentist will advise you on issues such as how many implants and in which region will be placed, implant loading and etching process. Different clinics may offer different implant treatment plans. In order to be completely clear before the implant treatment, we recommend you to get information from dentist concerning these differences. in the treatment plan not only the number of implants to be implemented and their locations are important. Apart from that, the condition of the teeth in the mouth, the treatments to be applied to them and the compatibility with the bridges or prostheses which are placed on implants, are also very important. Sometimes, even mouth has just aesthetic problems, it may require to treat other teeth. The treatment plan needs to be made according to the way that the aesthetic function and speech sounds will be at the desired level.implant diş istanbul

Jawbone Structure is important for implant

Implant implementation is the reverse of the tooth extraction. So, instead of extracting the tooth from the bone, it is the process of placing the artificial tooth root into the bone. After applying the local anesthesia, the gingiva is gently lifted to reach the underlying bone area. This region must be at sufficient width and height. In cases where there is not enough bone, special applications such as bone expansion and sometimes bone powder can be performed.implant tek diş

Single tooth implants

It is an up-to-date treatment method in which, implant screw is placed into the bone in the region where the void is present, without any abrasion to the teeth in front and behind the missing tooth and then a single crown is placed on it.They are successfully implemented as an alternative to dental bridges. In order to implement a single tooth implant, it is necessary to have enough space in that region and to have a bone that is compatible with diameter and size of the implant screw.

Implant treatment in Istanbul Dent

In our dental clinic, the surgical part of the implant treatment will be performed by dental surgeons, and the aesthetic dentistry applications to be made on the implant such as crowns, bridges etc. will be performed by our dentists who are specialized in dental aesthetics. Concerning implant treatment that suitable for you and for implant brand, price you need to contact us and make an appointment to be examined. In our clinic, you will have the opportunity to receive detailed information regarding appropriate treatment plan and costs.

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Following the preliminary preparations such as x-ray, tomography and treatment planning phase for the implant treatment, on the second visit the patient is taken to the implantation room by the dentist who will perform the surgery. It is checked if the procedure has left any question mark in his / her mind and if he / she understands the treatment plan correctly.

Then, anesthesia is performed in the mouth, in the same way regional anesthesia applied in tooth extraction procedure so no pain or discomfort is felt during implant operation. The implants are placed into the previously planned areas and the dental recovery period begins. After the implants are placed in the jawbone, it is usually waited for three months for upper jaws the two months for the lower jaw. This time may be shorter depending on the nature of the region where implants are placed.

During the recovery period, healing caps are placed on implants. Approximately one week is required to provide healing in the gingiva and to fix healing caps. After this, the size of the prosthesis or bridge can be measured within the mouth. Prosthesis application duration is usually 1 to 2 weeks. Following the placement of dental prosthesis on the implant, the patient will be able to chew and speak comfortably, such as his / her own teeth. You need to make an appointment and to be examined in order to be informed about implant treatments that can be applied to you and the treatment process. After this examination, you can get detailed information about the number of implants need to be implemented and their costs. There are different implant brands and implant supported solutions.